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Plagued by recurring visions during sleep and waking hours, Audry Haven is simply at a loss. Her career as a reporter is on the verge of disaster, her personal life is solemn and lonely and her physical condition, deteriorating by the day.

It is only when she meets a sweet psychic that Audry begins to see the light and the road to her salvation. Her soulmate is crying out for help and it is only this psychic who can help her find him.

Through past lives, loves, death and despair, the pain of loss keeps getting stronger yet draws Audry closer to her destiny. Loved ones are not the only ones to pass through time and space, evil always lingers in the distance. Will evil prevail and keep destiny from being fulfilled or will it be already too late?

Time and Time Again is the only promise of certainty, of love, of eternity.



Midwest Book Review of Time and Time Again

If this has piqued your interest and you are dying to find out how this story ends, please follow these links and purchase the book: ISBN#:0976076969

Time and Time Again         From Amazon.com

Time and Time Again         From Amazon/UK

Time and Time Again         From Barnes & Noble



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