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Have you ever imagined what it is like to be famous; to have millions of adoring fans craving the smallest attention from you; to have the whole world with its endless possibilities at your beck and call; to actually do what you love most?

Jay and Jennifer have and they made it come true. The best of friends since kindergarten, they had always been there for each other. Now in the spotlight, they have to face both the good and the bad this exciting world has to offer. It's a love story placed on the roller coaster of fame and fortune. How much will it take to rattle the world of these celebrities when friendship is starting to crumble and love is filled with uncertainties?


If this has piqued your interest and you are dying to find out how this story ends, please follow these links and purchase the book: ISBN#:0976076993

So Close, So Far      From Amazon.com

So Close, So Far      From Amazon/UK

So Close, So Far      From Barnes & Noble



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