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Excerpt from "So Close, So Far" By Nikki Grin



"The sky went dark a few hours earlier and left the two young friends bathed in the white glow of the moon. The grass they were lying on was soft and inviting, the sweet smell of freshly cut grass wafted in the air around them, cocooning them, pulling them into it. The sound of grasshoppers and all sorts of nightly creatures, made for a perfect ambiance. The two friends were reclined side by side, looking at the stars, thinking, dreaming.

A soft sigh was heard and a pale blonde head turned to look at her dark companion. "What are you thinking about, Jay?"

The dark-haired boy turned his gaze to his small friend and smiled tenderly, "About everything. You'll see Kiddo, we'll be famous one day."

The blonde groaned playfully and plopped back down, "Will you ever stop? It's not going to happen, Jay. Things like that don't happen to people like us."

Jay rolled back as well, "I'm never going to stop. It will happen to us. Just wait and see."

Jennifer glanced at Jay and noticed a small smile curling the corner of his mouth. Since they became famous, she hadn't seen Jay smile for the sole purpose of smiling. He became hard and accustomed himself all too well to the life of a celebrity. The surprising flash of softness, Jay's eyes were directing at her, made her heart skip a beat, she hadn't seen that look on his face for a long time either


The excited screams of the thousands of fans now crowding the large stadium were making the place rock on its foundations. The singers were smiling broadly, feeling their fans' excitement all the way into their souls. The closer they got to the stage, the darker the stadium became and the louder the fans got. The adrenaline was rushing through their veins, their hearts were beating double-time and their blood was pumping furiously, making them feel dazed.

They were ready and by the sounds coming from the stadium, their fans were ready as well"



* And there's so much more to look forward to inside the book. This is but a taste. ;) If the lives of music stars - the good as well as the bad of that lifestyle, and charming love stories interest you, then this is definitely the book that will capture your heart. Follow this link to learn more about the entire book from my website: http://dimples.0catch.com or simply go to any of the major bookstores and dealers and purchase the book.

Nikki Grin

Author of "Time and Time Again", ISBN# 0976076969

And "So Close, So Far", ISBN# 0976076993

Both books published by Limitless Corporation

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Copyright by Nikki Grin 2004-5