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Nikki Grin's Bio



Nikki Grin's real name is Natanela Elias. Born and raised in Israel, the 25 year old author began writing at a very early age. Her first love was songwriting and music. Story writing came later. Nikki wrote her first poem at the age of 8 and from the moment she put pen to paper, the road had been paved. There was also no question as to which language she was more comfortable writing in, since from the first poem, she wrote solely in English. Without the language being her native one, it simply felt more natural to her. Her songwriting abilities came in handy when she started playing the guitar around that same age and singing. To this day, she has written and composed more than 100 songs. When Nikki turned 16 she decided to try her hand at writing something other than songs. The first attempts weren't too successful as she tried several genres, including several different fields (screenplays, plays etc.) When those didn't suit her and while her reading of romance novels picked up in the following year, she knew she had fallen in love again. Her first novel, "Time and Time Again", which was published in 2004 was written at age 17. Her craving for the genre only increased as time passed and less than a year later, she started writing her second novel, "So Close, So Far", which was published at the same time. The writing experience along with the wonderful reading experience she gained and continues to gain daily, shaped her ambitions anew. While for most of her life, Nikki dreamt of studying medicine, which is still one of her passions, the new direction her life had taken, pushed her into taking English literature instead. And now, at 25, she is a PhD. student of English literature at Tel-Aviv University and loving every minute of it. When she isn't studying or making music, she dedicates every spare moment to writing new and more exciting than ever romance novels.



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